Production and Service

Beer – is one more proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. Benjamin Franklin.
One of the oldest drinks in the world is just beer. The beginning of this wonderful drink has its roots in ancient Mesopotamia and has over 5,000 years of amazing history. Now beer is an alcoholic drink № 1 in the world, and an interest in its production is increasing. Creating a mini-brewery restaurant – is highly profitable, proven long history of production, the profitability of which is 300-400%. Ancient Egyptian pyramids, cathedrals, churches, roads, infrastructure, many states created and developed by the profits from the production of beer.
If one day you’ll love the beer, then that love will never go away.

The brewers earn good money brewing and brewery restaurant business is one of the most successful.
If you decide to open own mini-brewery, exactly here you’ll find the information you need.
We make and install microbrewery and mini-brewery for restaurants and companies ranging from 100 to 3000 liters per day. Modern brewing equipment made by us in the Czech Republic and is a benchmark of quality, reliability and guarantee production process of real Czech beer and other world-renowned varieties. We also make the expansion and modernization of already working restaurant and brewery industry.
We also make the expansion and modernization of already working restaurant and brewery industry.
We develop equipment for the preparation of the water used in the production of beer, on the basis of qualitative chemical analysis.
We make brewing equipment by preformed schematic and mechanical drawings of the building, restaurant or factory.
We design the location plan of equipment in place.
We make the installation and sheff-installation of equipment.
We perform the test brewing.
We create recipes, brewing technology, circuits cooking process, and recommendations for organization and management of of the beer business in the restaurant and in the enterprise.
We teach staff brewing and correct operation of the equipment.
We perform guaranteed and post- guaranteed service.
We love the beer and our work.
We are always happy to cooperate.