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As I discovered beer

They say that there is nothing permanent in the world, everything changes. Even our tastes. But with age, I come to the conclusion that still constancy is present in many things, but simply every people change, and we begin to understand what had previously been beyond our interests.
Never liked beer. Thought it non noble drink compared to, for example, with champagne or wine, and beer seemed to me has even unpleasant smell. Since childhood, we get used to some patterns and accumulate them all our life. It seemed to me that the beer - a drink for men - lovers drink a glass or more in the untidy surroundings, where you can hear swear words. This drink is not associated with the fact that a decent girl or woman can drink beer in the fun.
But, as I mentioned above, our life changes. I studied at the institute in Europe and began to travel, to study the culture of different European countries. A culture of each country is closely connected with the traditions, cuisine and, of course, with own traditional drinks inherent in the every region. In Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, England and other countries - there is a whole beer culture. In restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping and exhibition centers there brew beer in breweries (mini, medium, large) using professional equipment, observing the brewing technology, both according to ancient recipes and create special and seasonal varieties. Experiment with adding different varieties of malt and hops, the addition of fruits and herbs, alcohol content, etc. In these countries from ancient times created the cult of beer. Here, drink beer all - men and women, old and young. It looks like a cultural pastime. Each beer is poured into glasses of different shapes. And even the many culinary dishes include beer. By studying this topic, I found out that beer has a rare antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Beer is a natural product. Its use improves circulation and digestive system, beneficial effects on the skin, heals wounds, protects the body from harmful substances and is opposed to poisoning. By order of Napoleon even allowed to drink beer during the military fights to avoid food poisoning due to spoiled food and for healing wounds. The ancient monks also drank beer with the permission of the Pope.

In those restaurants where there is a brewery, the most enjoyable moment for me is to catch a brew. Then the room filled with a pleasant smell of bread, which gives a pleasant feeling as fresh pastries in the home. You can perennially look at the fire, water, and at how beer is brewed. Every time tasting beer, I think about how much my father loved it, and how he would like this particular new variety. Growing up, probably we become more and more like our parents.

There is a lot of literature on the topic of the research beer. So why is it still attracts such ordinary people like me? Love "at first sight" I have failed. Apparently, I'm a very demanding consumer. Taste, color, quality, naturalness, aftertaste - everything to me is important. Beer bewitched me, carried away gradually. Each grade I found for myself that unique flavor that reminded caramel taste or plums, or delicate smoked flavor. Beer - it is a drink that has the greatest variety of flavors and colors. You can argue, but smoked wine certainly does not exist yet. And smoked beer exist. And now, after ten years of my absolute dislike for this drink, now there is nothing for me better and richer flavor profile than a beer. Now I understand why the Czech phrase «Jdeme na jedno!» (Literally: go to one) does not contain even a word beer. «Jdeme na jedno!» - is an invitation to go to a restaurant or a bar to drink a glass of beer. Of course, beer ... And what else?) And the phrase "The King knows the difference between beer and BEER" is now clear to me. Because, remembering my first impressions about beer lovers and my attitude to beer today - I can say that now I also know the difference between beer and BEER.

Beer fascinated me so much that now my work is related to brewing, or rather the production of brewing equipment. I will further inform you about the interesting facts that will attract my attention.
Drink, taste, brew!

Yours Monika Kraft.

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