Type 500

Mini-brewery type 500 L - is a quality technological equipment for the production of all beers. We produce mini-brewery type 500 L with working volume of mash-brew kettle 500 liters. All equipment is made of stainless steel food labeling. We have performed five models mini brewery 500 L: L-1, L-2, L-3, L-4, L-5. The models differ in annual output. Our customers can choose exactly the model of mini-brewery, the performance of which will be sufficient for their restaurant. The one-year capacity of these mini-breweries is from 50 000 to 150 000 liters of fresh beer. Heating of mash-wort kettle performed using an electric generator. On request, we can replace the electric steam generator to the gas, we can decorate the mash-brew kettle of copper, we can include in the offer a beer filtration system, automatic or semi-automatic line for filling glass or plastic tare. Universal cylindrical-conical tanks are used for the main fermentation and maturation of beer have a working volume of 1000 liters. With the help of mini-brewery type 500 L can brew any type of beer.

Breweries produced by our company are distinguished by reliability, high quality and ease of maintenance. Due to of this, your own brewer will easily introduce new range of beers in your restaurant. The taste of beer will surpass your expectations.


Microbrewery 500 L-1
Microbrewery 500 L-2
Microbrewery 500 L-3
Microbrewery 500 L-4
Microbrewery 500 L-5