Microbrewery 500 L-5 500 l-d

Microbrewery 500 L-5 500 l-d is intended for the production of beer of German, English, Belgian, Pils and other types.
The main points.
Type 500 L-5 500 l-d.
The European Union.
145,000 liters per year.
500 liters per day.
288 brews per year. 
volume of one brew is 500 liters.
217.770 euro. 
Microbrewery 500 L-5 500 l-d is used for the production of bottom and top-fermented beer. Heating of mash-wort kettle performed using an steam generator.
2 year.
3 months after signing the contract.
terms of payment
60% of the cost of the equipment is paid after signing the contract. 40% of the cost is paid at the time of loading of the brewing equipment on the vehicle.
price not include
The price of a plane ticket or a train, accommodation and meals for a period of about 14 days for the chief fitter and brewer who perform installation and startup of the equipment.
Attention! This proposal is indicative base case. Complete set of brewing equipment we can change on the agreement in accordance with our technical possibilities.
raw material
For the production of beer in the mini-brewery you need malt and hops. We can recommend you to sellers of malt and hops, which supply raw materials to our customers for long time. Verified suppliers bring the required number of bags of malt and hops in a sealed container in your brewery. Deliveries will be scheduled, so you do not have to worry about raw materials, you can safely brew light, dark or wheat beer at your brewery.

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