Nano brewery 100 L-1

Nano brewery – the best deal for the start of the beer business!

Nano brewery 100 L-1 is intended for the production of beer of German, English, Belgian, Pils and other types. Nano brewery 100 L-1 - is a compact, universal and fully autonomous brewery with all the necessary elements of production, reduced to incredibly small sizes.
The main points.
nano brewery
Type 100 L-1.
The European Union.
4,800 liters per year.
48 brews per year. 
volume of one brew is 100 liters. 
80.470 euro. 
Nano brewery 100 L-1 is intended for the production of bottom and top-fermented beer. Brewing beer using nano brewery KVASURA performed classical traditional method. First, you must grind the malt and mix with warm water in the mash-wort kettle to produce the brewing beer wort. Mash-wort kettles we produce for nano-breweries have working volumes of 50 or 100 liters. Heating to the desired temperature is performed by using of heat electric heaters. After receiving the wort cooling thereof is performed using a plate cooler. Chilled hopped wort enters the nano CC tank where it is mixed with yeast for the process of main fermentation. Further, secondary fermentation takes place in the nano CC tank - maturation of beer. The raw material that is used for brewing beer - this brewery malt, hops, yeast, water. After these simple traditional process you will receive an excellent beer.
2 year.
1 month after signing the contract.
payment term
80% of the equipment cost is paid after signing the contract. 20% of the cost is paid at the time of loading brewing equipment on the vehicle.
price does not include
Delivery of the equipment to the customer.
Attention! This proposal is indicative base case. Complete set of brewing equipment we can change on the agreement in accordance with our technical possibilities.
raw materials
For beer production at the nano-brewery you need malt and hops. We can recommend you to sellers of malt and hops, which supply raw materials to our customers for more than a year.