Microbreweries for the production of beer.

The proposed microbreweries class «KVASURA 250, 500 L» mounted by our customers in small restaurants, hotels, guest houses, holiday homes, bars, clubs, and even their homes, cottages. Wealthy people buy them as memorable and luxurious gifts. Our microbreweries also set as independent objects for beer production with an annual capacity of up to 3000 HL with subsequent sales through retail or for sale to restaurants and bars.

Seven reasons to choose European microbrewery KVASURA.

  1. Brands such as "German beer", "Belgian beer", "English beer", "American beer", "Czech beer"  do not need advertising. Since brew your own beer, you do not even have to talk about the quality and taste of the beer. The brand in itself is an excellent advertisement.
  2. These brands of beer in the minds of the people associated with the elite beer, which has a unique characteristics and features. We produce modern brewing equipment, supplies high-quality raw materials, skilled brewers will train your staff - and all of this together makes it possible to obtain as a result of excellent beer, which meets all international standards and requirements of the most demanding consumers.
  3. Microbreweries «KVASURA» are as effective as possible, because high production capacity, they have minimal production costs, which certainly is a huge benefit for the owner.
  4. We are well aware that every square meter of your restaurant has a price and should be used as efficiently as possible to obtain high profits, that is why we have created a brewery «KVASURA», which takes a minimum of space in the interior. Functionality and ergonomics of the production process of brewing creates a customer trust, respect and noble attitude to beer, which is created in front of visitors from natural ingredients on the best brewing technology in the world.
  5. With self-beer production profitability is 300-400%.
  6. Rapid return on investment of equipment (1-2 years).
  7. The brewing a beer - a successful business in many countries.

The main technical advantages of brewing equipment «KVASURA»:

  • equipment is manufactured in the European Union;
  • projects are developed by our engineers and technologists with many years of professional experience;
  • stainless steel material and kits are manufactured in the European Union;
  • minimum space required to accommodate the breweries and brewery plants by optimizing workspace, combining hydrocyclone apparatus and brew kettle and other technical know-how of our equipment;
  • guaranteed reliability of the equipment;
  • post-warranty service;
  • opportunity to brew Pils and Lager beer with boiled (decoction) method and German, English, Belgian beer and other varieties with infusion method;
  • ease of use and ease of maintenance service of brewing equipment «KVASURA»;
  • wide range of different brewing equipment with different daily capacity.