Mini brewery equipment

Mini brewery 1000 L-1, 1000 L-2, 1000 L-3, 1000 L-4, 1000 L-5

    • Below we provide a basic equipment package delivery of mini-brewery. Attention! This proposal is indicative base case. Complete set of brewing equipment we can change on the agreement in accordance with our technical possibilities.

      Mini-brewery. Equipment package.

      Technical description, mini brewery equipment:
      • productivity is 200 kg per hour;
      • power consumption is 1.5 kW, 220/380 V;
      • hand protection from getting into the moving parts;
      • supporting legs;
      • outer surface, galvanized;
      • polished inner surface;
      • tank malt;
      • electronic scales for weighing malt.
      BREWHOUSE – Lauter tun and Mash-wort pan.
      Mash-wort pan is intended for boiling wort volume of 1000 liters using conventional brewing raw, drinking water, crushed malt pelletized hops or hop extract. Brewhouse is designed for use in the dining room or in other rooms. Other equipment - for fermentation, maturation, cool, shop the finished product may be in the back rooms. The material used for the manufacture of brewhouse - a quality stainless steel food labeling. This metal is also used for the manufacture of pipe fittings, CC tanks and other parts in contact with the food product.
      Size (mm), 3200x1100x2400. Weight is 900 kg.
      Technical details:
      • outer coating - Stainless Steel;
      • internal coating - stainless steel food labeling;
      • volume of digester is 1300 liters;
      • heating using - electric steam generator.
      Electrical panel of distribution and control devices, pumps and the temperature in the fermentation tanks, instrumentation and automation.
      Technical description:
      • control of the brewing process;
      • control of temperature modes;
      • reducer of pump speed during stirring wort.
      Technical description:
      • power of heating - 48 kW;
      • nominal evaporation rate - 62 kg / h;
      • pressure of steam - 0,4 MPa;
      • operating temperature of steam - 151 °C;
      • power supply – 380-400V / 3 phase / 50 Hz.
      Hot hopped wort enters the heat exchanger at a temperature of 98-99 ° C, simultaneously cold water enters the heat exchanger. Cooling process of wort takes place up to 12°C. After the cooling up to temperature 59-65°C water enters the boiler for use in subsequent cleaning equipment of brewery, which ensures energy savings.
      Technical description:
      • manufacturing material - stainless steel;
      • cooling from 98°C to 6°C;
      • performance is 1200 liters per hour.
      PUMP Ebara CDX
      Centrifugal pump Ebara CDX 70/05.
      Technical description:
      • maximum working pressure: 8 bar;
      • the maximum temperature of the liquid: 98 ° C;
      • T.E.F.C. two-pole motor;
      • single-phase 230 V ± 10% 50 Hz;
      • automatic thermal overload protection for single-phase version.
      Type DN 25. Weight is 0,5 kg.
      Technical description:
      • the volume of the reservoir, gross 2200 l;
      • the volume of the tank, net: 2000 l;
      • outer diameter is 1460 mm;
      • overall height is 2680 mm;
      • angle of cone is 90°;
      • weight is 358 kg;
      • washing head;
      • safety valve;
      • temperature sensor PТ 100;
      • adjustment by automatic solenoid valve.
      Containers for storage of yeast.
      Quantity 1 pcs., the working volume is 7 liters.
      The system of instrumentation and automation of cylinder-conical tanks.
      Technical description:
      • regulator with display, it shows achieved and desired temperature;
      • temperature sensor PТ 100;
      • switchboard with electrical and control elements 1 pc. - Integrated into the switchboard mash-wort pan.
      Boiler is used for the preparation and storage of hot water, that used in the future in the process of brewing and sanitary processing of containers, with are part of brewery. Vertical-layer cylindrical container made of stainless steel, insulated with polyurethane, with a spherical (dome-shaped) upper part and a conical bottom (15°). On the side part has the service hatch, designed for servicing capacity. The cylindrical part of the tank is insulated with polyurethane. Control modes of the boiler operation is carried out by means of a central control panel located in the mash-wort sector. Capacity is mounted on four legs adjustable in height.
      Technical details:
      • he volume of the boiler is 1500 l;
      • outer diameter is 1360 mm;
      • internal diameter is 1200 mm;
      • overall height is 2130 mm;
      • weight is 356 kg;
      • total power: 14.0 kW / h;
      • material: stainless steel, type is AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301);
      • manufacture of the inner surface: tin-plate of cold rolling, exterior surface treatment is 2B, welds polished to Ra 0,8 μм;
      • exhaust valve;
      • overpressure valve;
      • hatch 200 mm;
      • level meter;
      • temperature sensor PТ 100.
      The CIP device
      Clean-in-place (CIP) is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly. It used for sanitation and disinfection of all brewing equipment. This system works in conjunction with the cleaning system KEG-barrels.
      Technical description:
      • performance is 5 pcs. of 50-liter KEG barrels per hour;
      • connection head;
      • key for opening KEG-barrels;
      • head for filling of KEG-barrels 2 pcs.
      Technical details:
      • 100 l / min;
      • pressure is 8 bar;
      • 1,1 kW, 230 V, 50 Hz;
      • air cooling;
      • safety valve;
      • gauge - 1 piece;
      • weight is 20 kg.
      Technical description:
      • filter element - synthetics;
      • working pressure 1 MPa;
      • weight is 2 kg.
      The cooling unit 1 pc. (as a refrigerant used glycol R404A, operating temperature of -4°C).
      Technical description:
      • cooling capacity is 10,8 kW;
      • maximum power consumption is 4,3 kW;
      • as a refrigerant used glycol R404A with operating temperature of -4°C;
      • tank for glycol has a volume - 300L;
      • two circulation pumps;
      • regulator of glycol temperature.
      The cooling system consists of 2 sections:
      • 1st section - it cools the water in the cold water tank;
      • 2nd section - it cools the fermentation tanks (CC tanks).
      Technical description:
      • working volume is 1,500 liters;
      • material production of external and internal surfaces of the tank - stainless steel type SUS304;
      • insulating material – polyurethane;
      • diameter is 1360 mm;
      • overall height is 2130 mm;
      • weight is 365 kg.
      Manual filling machine PET plastic bottles. Filler PET plastic bottles comprises several filling valves. The process of filling is carried out in several bottles simultaneously. Attendants take empty bottles from the packaging, it connects to the filling taps and starts filling process. 
      Technical description:
      • connective fittings of brewhouse - are pipe stainless steel food labeling;
      • control of valves is performed in manual mode;
      • connective fittings of the cooling system – are polypropylene pipes in insulation;
      • connective fittings of brewhouse and the CC tanks – are a flexible hose for food products, operating temperature: +30°С +100°С.