Mini cervecerías

Mini-breweries for the production of beer and get a significant profit.

9 important reasons to open your own brewery and brew your beer.

  1. The ability to stand out among ordinary restaurants, hotels, bars, clubs, shopping centers and become popular among customers.
  2. Offer your customers unique beers of your own production.
  3. The increase in profit from each glass of beer of your production, which is significantly higher than in mediation.
  4. The steady increase attendance your restaurant, bar, hotel, club and loyalty of regular customers.
  5. The growing popularity and interest of visitors and the media to your brewery as a unique regional phenomenon. About the brewery will write, will make it into the catalogs of many publications and online resources, customers lay out photos on social networks. This way, you will get an excellent free advertising.
  6. Independence from commercial and pricing policies of major manufacturers and distributors of beer.
  7. High profitability of beer production, rapid return on investment from the brewing equipment.
  8. A sense of satisfaction from highly professional business of producing and selling beer.
  9. No customs duties on imported whole equipment of a brewery.

Worried that you do not know how to brew beer?

Do not worry! We teach you how to brew good beer.
After the installation of the equipment we will teach your technologist to brew beer. During intensive training with our professional brewer your brewery will produce your brand of beer.

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